Fund products

We provide fund structures for alternative investment funds (AIFs) and the associated services. Alternative investment funds (AIFs) as a structuring instrument have a number of advantages. As an example, we would like to highlight the following advantages, which are available for natural and legal persons, providers of unregulated target investments, trustees and asset managers as well as for smaller banks:

  • Convenient service for clients, as the management is carried out by the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) and the client can concentrate on other activities;
  • No limit on the number of investors and target investments;
  • Risk diversification through investments in different target products can be made very easily;
  • There is an accredited approach to making market participants anonymous;
  • With investment funds, assets can be safely and sustainably managed in the event of inheritance;
  • Companies can be protected against “unfriendly take-overs” (alternative to an exchange of shares);
  • There is the possibility of leveraged financing through Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs);
  • The Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) and the Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) are highly regulated;
  • Different investment objectives may be pursued through legally independent sub-funds;
  • Perpetuation of investments by such investors who wish to remain invested in successive individual projects (especially for providers of unregulated target investments);
  • For individual investors or smaller groups, a closed-end investment fund may be established (“Closed Club Fund”);
  • No stamp tax is levied on the issue and redemption of fund units.

Figure: Offer of der BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT BETA AG an möglichen Fondsprodukten