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BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT BETA AG is a government licensed “Alternative Investment Fund Manager” (AIFM) headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The company is a subsidiary of BENDURA BANK AG, which is almost 85% owned by Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited, a Hong Kong-listed luxury goods group. The service providers of BENDURA BANK AG and its subsidiary hold approx. 15% of shares of the BENDURA Group. Our experienced employees are inter alia highly motivated due to an attractive participation model. The aim of the BENDURA Group is to secure the loyalty of employees to the company long-term, keep bonus payments low and promote sustainable growth. Our aim is to build something up with other people, open up prospects for creative people, generate pride in creativity, and open up a new market through innovative products.

BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT BETA AG offers a complete package of service for the “Alternative Investment Fund” (AIF) harmonised fund type under European law (EU/EEA). Our services range from consulting and structuring to operation of AIFs in our capacity as a state authorised “Alternative Investment Fund Manager” (AIFM).

Specialists for Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) under EU law

Our products and services are provided for wealthy private and institutional fund seekers, fund promoters, midsized banks, asset managers, trustees and unregulated alternative investment providers.


“Structuring with help from investment funds requires the ability to approach the interests of clients, the ability to innovate, extensive experience and knowledge of the legal and economic framework and its limits. Solutions can often be found that achieve the desired economic purpose with less risk, as the obvious, simple way.”

Olaf Köhler, CEO